How Our Service Works


If you are entering the contractor market for the first time, you’ll need to decide what type of company structure you are going to use.  You have three options: Limited Company (the best!), Umbrella Company or Composite Trader. There is a fourth option, Sole Trader, however most agencies will not allow you operate in this manner.  

i-Finance uses the Limited Company type structure but the table below gives you an idea of how each of them compare.

Company Structure Type

Limited Company

Umbrella Company

Composite Company


You own 100% of your own company

You have no ownership

You own 15% of an externally controlled company


You and your appointee are directors of your own company

You have no directorship

You and up to 6 others are directors of the company. You may not know the other directors.


You are the employee of your own company

You are an employee of the umbrella company

You are an employee of the composite company


You are entitled to tax deductible expenses through your own company

You are not entitled to any expenses

You may be entitled to a lesser amount of expenses

Tax planning

You can use your own company to assist in appropriate tax planning opportunities

You cannot use the umbrella company to assist in your tax planning

You cannot use the composite company to assist in your tax planning

Tax appropriateness

We ensure you manage your affairs in full compliance of all taxation and PRSI legislation

You are treated as an employee and have taxes deducted appropriately

The Revenue Commissioners are examining the appropriateness of the PRSI structures of composite companies.

i-Finance makes it really easy for you to get started. 

We provide you with a selection of ready-made and registered companies for you to choose.  We do all the running around for you which includes registering the company for tax purposes, assisting you in opening bank accounts and setting up payment plans for  insurances and pensions.

Next, we meet with you to discuss you current financial circumstances and help you set some financial goals in line with your ambitions.

We will provide you a link to the i-finance website along with your secure login details which will consist of a Company ID, User Name and Password. From there you will be able to access your dashboard which will be updated as the relevant information is received from you.

We will also schedule some regular meeting times with you to review your current financial affairs and check that your current circumstances are taking advantage of all the tax savings available.

You can contact us at any time to arrange meetings to review your financial position or to address financial concerns.

Remember, we are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Taxation advisors. We provide intelligent financial solutions to your problems.