The Process

  1. We prepare an engagement letter for you outlining our agreed work-flows, terms and conditions etc. You simply sign and return this to us.
  2. We update the various State Bodies on your new trading status.
  3. We arrange to open your business bank account (where necessary).
  4. We forward all the details of your new limited company to the agency or client company including Certificate of Incorporation, VAT Registration Certificate and Bank Account Details for contract preparation. Insurance certificates are also provided if required.
  5. We’ll have a few forms for you to sign, namely a Form B10 (confirming your Company director status) and a share transfer form to transfer the ownership of your company to you.
  6. We will need your P45 so we can claim the correct Tax credits for you. 
  7. Once you start your first contract you’ll need to send us either
    i) an approved timesheet or
    ii) an approved purchase order along with a copy of your expense claim form. 
  8. On receipt of those items we raise an invoice through your limited company and send it to your agency or client company for payment.
  9. On the same day that we receive payment confirmation for your invoice from the agency or client company, we calculate the profit available to draw down, calculate your net salary and enable you draw down your funds.  If you have any retained profits in the company that you want to take, just let us know and we’ll include them in your salary run.
  10. We arrange for all tax returns (both PAYE and VAT) to be filed and paid on time.
  11. We arrange for the annual financial statements to be prepared and filed with the Companies registration Office and Corporation tax authorities.

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