How Much

i-Finance operates under a flat fixed monthly, pay-as-you-go structure.

You have two options:

Option 1:

Full Managed Service – in other words, we do all you accounts work for you. All data entry is done by your i-Finance Account Manager, all returns are submitted and year end accounts are prepared and filed.  This option totally eliminates the need for you to do any accounting work at all.  Just send all your invoices and receipts to us and we’ll do everything for you.  As well as this you will have 24-7 access to your company on our i-Finance site so you’ll be able to see your current business position, namely how much you have earned, what is still owed to you and how much you have in the bank in clear graphical formats without having to run any reports.  Our managed service maximises the time you can spend working and leaves all your accounting to us.

That will cost you €250.00 per month (approx €125 net of tax savings).

Option 2:

Joint Managed Service – this is the ‘half-board’ offering. All you have to do is some simple data entry tasks – putting the right numbers in the right boxes. We’ll give you full training – so don’t worry about a steep learning curve.  Everything else is completed by your Account Manager.  This option is ideal if you are happy recording your own expenses and invoices as you incur and submit them into our easy to use i-Finance system.  All the reports and dashboards are also available in exactly the same way as with the Full Managed Service.

That will cost you €200.00 per month (approx €100 net of tax savings).

Our clients always receive value for money whether you choose our Full or Joint Managed Service.